Project 365 - Day 190


It's not often I share details of my own reset and healing. But today I shared this photo & message with one of my private support groups of women and I was blown away by the hundreds of messages of support (and sharing of similar stories) from women all across the world. How beautiful it is when women come together to support each other in love... that is true beauty and reveals pure-hearted souls!.... My ex would never let me have an indoor dog (it was not right to have dogs living in the house)... well Mr. Ex is gone now and look who I'm spending today with... my sweet Mac (chocolate lab) at my feet as I spend the day cooking in the kitchen (yep, IN the house!!!)... ;-) I will never again let another man ever tell me I can't have an in indoor dog or I'm a bad person for wanting a dog in the house! (oh, and he sleeps on my bed too, gasp!!) Thank you, ladies!  You made me laugh, and make me proud, and remind me how grateful I am to have you all in my life.

Ann Sharpsteen